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Once Through Cooling
From Whaley Products, Incorporated

Once Through Cooling Chillers Available:
Closed Loop
In Stock

Once through is used where the water will not be re-circulated.  Water is cooled down to fill a batch or spray over a product.  Although most applications require the water to be re-circulated but in some cases the water is used to clean a vegetable then discarded because you don't want to re-circulated the dirty water on the clean vegetables.  Typically food processers use once through cooling.  Each system is different processes range from 35F-70f water. 

Btu/hr = 500 x gpm x Tin-Tout.  Temperature drop and flow will determine chiller capacity (Btu/hr).   Chiller capacity will be effected by increasing or decreasing flow or temperature drop.      

Usually the processors provides the lbs of water at a specific inlet/outlet temperature and how fast they want to cool it down.  

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